Performing technologies   

In the digital era, technology can no longer be thought only as a device that allows information to “navigate”; it is something firmly grounded in the philosophical and anthropological fields. The concepts of body, time, and space are being constantly challenged by digital media; thus performance arts must also be undergoing changes.

It is proposed in this workshop to bring up the question: if one can perceive the concept of technology without the explicit exploration of technological devices? Or in other words: can one perform disregarding technology?

Taking up a practical approach to theatre performance, this workshop aims at exploring echoes of the “machine” across the performing arts; “cyborgs”, “post-humans” and “digital beings” will be researched as an artistic possibility. At the same time we will reassess related ideas such as non-linear structure, bio-mechanic bodies, Turing machine, binary code, etc.

This is a 3 days workshop  (4 to 5 hours a day). Other options about length or space of the workshop should be discussed directly with the workshop leader.