Eu Não Sou Ela

Eu Não Sou ELa (I’m Not Her) Film Installation

Eu Não Sou Ela is a film installation designed for seven screens. It aims to rewrite the motherhood narratives by comparing my images as a mother with those of my mother.
In an attempt to find my mother’s memory in the family videos, another woman is revealed to me, until now unknown: my mother before becoming a mother.
The film installation tells the story of our relationship in a non-linear and fragmented flow. The videos travel from screen to screen, escaping the visitor and challenging to find the sequence of the story.
Eu Não Sou mixes fiction and autobiography while creating a liminal experience of emotional memory, whose image, when it appears, disappears soon after, in what seems to be a concrete memory and simultaneously a dreamed illusion.
Presented at BAG – Banco das Artes Galery, in Leiria, from November 25th 2022, until February 12th 2023, and curated by Orlando Franco.