I’m Not Her [Eu Não Sou Ela]

Trailer for Experimental Film I’m Not Her [Eu Não Sou Ela]


Short Documentary made with found footage from stock videos websites. The film builds up a narrative of a woman that gets confronted with the image of her mother before becoming a mother. Old family videos from her mother make her question the maternity loop where women get imprisoned in the same gestures, tasks, and behaviors.


This film aims at rewriting the narrative about motherhood, questioning the role of women in family structures. Families organize themselves as a place of social escape. What I mean by this is that in families it can be found several forms of violence secluded from society and unpunished by the law. Also, it is a structure that strips its members from self-determination. Certain things may happen with the justification of being a family tradition or because there’s an emotional or financial co-dependence. Sometimes there’s no reason for family members to get together besides being family. Along with motherhood also comes the expectation that women have to stop to make decisions for themselves and must make decisions taking into account family.

Mexico City/Mexico