This is a Low Tech Movie (Isto é um Filme de Baixa Frequência)

«This is a Low Tech Movie» is a movie-performance that crosses installation with performance and real-time video.

«This is a Low Tech Movie» tells the story of a journey through Europe using family photos, old postcards and still images from films or television commercials showing women in domestic environments (cooking, cleaning, reading for children, entertaining house guests, etc.).

The travel begins with the photo of my sister on her wedding day. She is twenty-something. It is the ’80s. She is sitting on my mother’s lap. Mother and daughter look at each other. At the back of the photo a misplaced object on the top of the T.V. tells another story.

Images presented in the movie are set in motion by the performer’s manipulation of objects in real-time and filmed with several webcams, without having any editing or post-effects.

The performance was presented in Ireland and England in July and June 2018 with the support for international circulation by

The first story “Postcards from Berlin” was presented at InShadow – Lisbon ScreenDance Festival