Xistórias – Digital Performance in the Xisto Villages


Xistórias – Digital Performance in the Xisto [Schist] Villages is a site-specific performance that aims for the social development of Xisto Villages in Góis Municipality, in an underdeveloped region of Portugal. It was presented in November 2013 and broadcast live through the Internet.
The performance departed from an artistic residency in four schist villages (Aigra-velha, Aigra-nova, Comareira and Pena). I intended to work with the inhabitants on a performance that would cross local rural storytelling (concerning horror stories that are told from generation to generation) with the research of technology tools to keep them alive in younger generations.
The performance was designed to be a site-specific composition that travelled between the four schist villages and was performed by 30 community members. Part of it was broadcast to Lisbon, where a master of ceremony and the technical team led the audience through the performance by reading stories used as background for the artistic work, showing pre-recorded videos from the process (including short interviews with inhabitants from the villages) and, of course, the live streaming.



Original Ideia and Project Coordination: Eunice Gonçalves Duarte and Mário Montez
Management: Salamandra Dourada
Artistic Development: Eunice Gonçalves Duarte and Paula Roush
Technical Development: Miguel Gomes and Paula Soares

Funded by: ADXTUR
Supported by: Lousitânea, Góis City Council and ESEC