Blessed Are The Machines That Allow Us To See


“Blessed Are The Machines” is a low tech performance based on stories from medical procedures. The project began in 2011 and I expect it to last until the end of 2013, adding new medical images and new stories.

The performance explores the relationship that contemporary society maintains with medical images. Those are images that are mediated by technology, allowed by machines, and they pertain to a code we cannot access – we lack the knowledge to interpret it. They imply a language that is based on observation and only a skilful, trained, eye can read them… and yet they proliferate around us…. What should be done with them? Beyond the discourse of health and well-being, by unveiling the invisible, medical images help to reorganize our perception of the body. However can they perform who we are? Can they tell my story? Or your story? Maybe I should ask: can I perform them? This is my proposal: Let’s create a photo album of our anatomy. Let’s exchange stories. Let’s explore medical procedures as popular rituals, discovering how much they influence everyday life.